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Long exposure to Project Management and Design / Engineering of large industrial projects has provided the Group the ability to provide assistance to Clients during conceptualization and feasibility study of such projects. Though the Group is able to offer assistance in many areas however the its area of strength remains to be the structural and pipeline engineering for offshore oil and gas facilities where the Group possess extensive relevant experience. Areas of strength are further elaborated below:

  • Front End Engineering and Conceptual Design of Offshore Platforms and Jetties.
  • Detailed design and engineering of offshore platforms and Jetties including all disciplines.
  • Installation Studies, Engineering and Design of Construction aids for Offshore Platforms.
  • Solutions for Complex Analytical Problems.
  • Engineering Co-ordination for Projects involving Marine facilities.

This extensive experience of dealing with a variety of situations has also given the Group a unique problem solving capability by systematically analyzing any situation and presenting a step by step solution to reach the desired objective. The Group started its operation as a Partnership Company in 1998. Since then it has provided engineering services in the field of Structural Engineering for Offshore Structures and Submarine Pipelines to clients such as NPCC - Abu Dhabi, CCC – Abu Dhabi, Larson & Toubro – India, LTV – Bangalore, Kvaerner Powergas – Mumbai, Technip KT – India, Triune Projects Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi, Shell Exploration BV – Dubai, PT Saipem – Jakarta, Samsung Heavy Industries etc.