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Increasing liberalisation and globalisation of various economies around the world coupled with the communication revolution has added a new dimension to the competitiveness in business. The order of the day is forging alliances aimed at pooling resources, competencies and synergising to be competitive.
In the sphere of Technical Services, India offers a great opportunity to global players to take advantage of these emerging scenarios. With a large pool of skilled and competent technical manpower combined with its economic edge, India makes an attractive choice for establishing partnerships. The objective is to provide quality Consultancy Services in Specialised areas to global players to achieve higher cost competitiveness on an international level.
The objective of Core Engineering Group is to provide quality Consultancy Services in Specialised areas like Offshore Engineering to achieve competitive edge on an international level.
The Core Drivers of Business are:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Management and Understanding of Business
  • Human Resources with Proven Track Record
  • Acceptability to Clients in Group’s Business Domain
  • Track Record

Group's perception is that many Global Players operating in the field of Engineering Projects, Consultancy, Project finance and Insurance require cost effective and need based services of experienced professional engineers. Our Group presents a viable option to Engineering Companies and Clients to reduce costs without loosing control over quality.
While it is feasible to carry out complete Front End Engineering as well as Detail Engineering for Projects through the Group and its Associates in India, we perceive that Clients require external help during the peak load periods of the Projects. We encourage such need-based utilisation of our specialised services with a view to develop long-term relationship based on confidence. Exact boundaries of services can be defined based on the specific needs of an individual Client. With the depth of experience available with us, and our firm commitment to quality, we are sure that we would be able to assist you in any of your ventures in the above fields.