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  • Core Engineering Group was formed by Engineers each having an experience in excess of 30 years in the field of Project Management, design, construction and installation of marine structures, Offshore Oil Platforms, Jetties, Submarine Pipelines, loading / unloading terminals and other onshore facilities etc.
  • The Group was formed in 1998 with a view to establish a group of professionals providing specialized services in specific areas of Marine Engineering as well as large Industrial and Infrastructure projects. The Group also formed alliances with Associates who complement our strengths to develop a system fully capable of providing services for engineering of projects involving multi-disciplinary fronts.
  • Members of the Group have worked on various offshore oil / gas projects in India as well as with many International Companies and have been associated with the development of offshore oil fields in Bombay High since its inception in late 70s. In addition they also worked on many offshore oil / gas projects in the Gulf during last many years for various clients viz. ADAMA-OPCO, ADNOC, ZADCO, QGPC, QLGC, Saudi-ARAMCO, ELF, TOTAL, SHELL, MOQ, SAIPEM, Samsung etc. in various capacities.