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Riser Support Structure – IMPEX

Structural Design and Engineering for RSS Jacket & Gravity Base :

  • Review of the SIP documents (In-place and Seismic analysis Reports) and SACS model as per latest drawings. If required, update the SACS model accordingly.
  • Check if the analyses have been performed in accordance with the specifications in the URF-ITT documents
  • Preliminary Dynamic analysis (using SACS - DYNPAC module) to get Dynamic mode and Dynamic mass using SIP basic SACS model for ;
    - Latest riser loads for Extreme and Survival condition.
    - Latest Soil Stiffness
  • Fatigue analysis with the latest data as per the procedure supplied by PTSI
  • Stage -1 : Match with the necessary updates as per the stage-1 of In-place analysis
  • Stage -2 : Analyses with SACS updated model (update the SIP basic SACS model with recommendations from SIP, PTSI and CEG upon reviewing)
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Optimization for Installation