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ONGC B & N SeriesPlatform

Jacket / Piles
CP system
Boat landing on the East Side of Jacket.
Spider deck walkways.
A total of 12 slots for 30"Ø conductors located at North side
Deck Mounted Work Over Rig
The following risers:

One 6 5/8" gas lift riser
One 12 3/4" well fluid riser
One 152 mm dia water injection flexible riser
Two 12" risers for future usage.

The configuration of N16 Jacket is as below

Mudline elevation with respect to MSL : -69.0m
Jacket work point elevation WP : +9.6m
WP Dimension Row A and Row B : 22.0m
WP Dimension Row 1 and Row 2 : 10.0m
Main piles : 4 Nos.
Vertical Skirt piles : None
Mode of Installation : Lifted Jacket